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Ende is the old capital city of Flores and although a dusty typically Indonesian city, its does have some identifiable unique features that are worth seeing if you are passing through the area. firstly and most famously, it was in Ende that the Dutch exiled Sukarno in the 1930 and here that he developed his plans the overthrow the Dutch and lead Indonesia to independence by developing the Pancasila concept that still run strong to this day. The political importance of Ende due to this major and it is actually possible to view the house in which Pancasila spent his Exile and sit under the huge Breadfruit tree where he sat to formulate the plans that would later right the history books effecting the entire archipelago of Indonesia.

Getting around Ende is easy using taxis and for the cheaper option the Bemos and buses actually provide a very dependable from of transport that is incredibly cheap although bemo drivers across Indonesia are notirious for overcharging tourists so try to figure out a ballpark figure to avoid the more step prices, it is likely you will be frequently charged 10 dollars more than a local and also likely that you will come across a ridicules extortion attempt at some point, this is all part of the fun and the driver will undoubtedly smile and agree when you offer him the real price.

There are a selection of interesting and national foods available in Ende, dont be put off by the apparent dreariness of some of the warung (food stall and restaurants) as most of them serve very good food including other Asian delicacies. The Chinese food In Ende is excellent and there are plenty of vibrant stall around the market area that sell good food. Also, look out for street sellers selling pink thick candy floss style sweets, this is very cheap for a small serving and is an interesting novelty, one particular character entices customers with a calypso style tin drun tune played on min tim drums suspended from a rope around his neck.

Ende is at the foot of the beautiful mountains of Iya, Ipi, Meja, and Wongge, these are a breathtaking sit to behold and the combination of city and close by jungle covered moutains is an unusual novelty whilst traveling in these parts. is possible to reach Ende via air from Denpasar, Bali or Kupang via Bima in east Sumbawa or by sea from Sumbawa and Kupang. Although usually only visited by due to necessities such as arrival and transfer, Ende certainly is an interesting enough city to spend a day in before continuing your travels. Ende is easy to reach and offers a variety of transport options including buses, boats and aircrafts meaning if you are traveling in this area it is likely convenience will bring you Ende at some point in your trip.

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