Travel Kelimutu Three Color Lakes 16/05/2017

Kelimutu Three Color Lakes is the name of a long extinct volcano that has become commonly excepted as one the most and if notKelimutu Three Color Lakes in Flores the most wonderful and fascinating natural sight in the whole Indonesian archipelago. Its distinct feature is the three huge colored lakes at the top. The largest of which is a bright turquoise, a close by green lake and slightly further away a black lake. These wonderful sights owe there interesting colours to chemical reactions that occur in the volcanic craters and more interestingly these colours change throughout time and even on a periodic fluctuation basis, only 30 years ago the green lake was a maroon brown colour.

If you do not fancy the walk then there is always the truck that sets off at around 4am, this is a cheap method and although a little less romantic then making the trek, this can be a much more viable method for older and les able travelers. Another method is by the hiring of a horse, this is a little more expensive and usually ends up taking longer then walking. The truck returns at 7am although you will not be alone doing the two to three hour decent as most people stay a little longer and walk back. Also be aware of the Park entry post which is around halfway up the climb, it is likely to be unmanned in the early morning and easy to miss in the dark but be sure to contribute to the trust on the way back, the price is less than 2 dollars

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