Labuan Bajo 16/05/2017

Labuan Bajo is located at the far west coast of the West Manggarai regency for Flores. This is the largest regency and his home to many spectacular sights and adventure possibilities. It important to remember that it is this particular regency that suffers more severely then the rest of Flores from the extended dry season period. For traveling terms this means hot dry weather and the increased purchasing in mineral water although by the sea in Labuan Bajo the effect of this is less dramatic.

Labuan Bajo is port of entrance to Flores if taking the ferry from Bima sumbawa as well as the crossings from Denpasar and some crossings from Sulawesi and Bumba. Labuan as has a domestic airport receiving flights from Denpasar and other Indonesian Airports. Labuan is commonly used as jump off point to Komodo and Rinca in order to view the extensive wildlife on land and under the water in this protected area of incredible biodiversity including the almost exclusive residents, the Komodo dragons that are visible on the dry tropical land areas. However Labuan Bajo is my no means is a town to pass through for necessity only, Labuan Bajo is a beautiful, interesting and quaint enough place to spend a few days if you have them spare and witness the local culture and areas close by such as the villages and weavers.

Apart from using Labuan Bajo as a base to explore the surrounding islands for the incredible world class diving, wildlife viewing and chilling out on some of Indonesia's most beautiful and least crowded beaches and tiny islands, there are also a string of beautiful beaches on the mainland and the incredible mountain ranges. There area a number of boat tours that operate locally in fierce competition. Many of these are seriously substandard although extremely cheap, if you area using this option then be sure to find one of the many more professional and seaworthy looking practices. In the most extreme but not uncommon cases, boats will travel across open water without any kind of radar, flares or navigation and survival equipment of any kind. There are also the more professional large companies who are completely unrelated to these businesses and offer a level of luxury for a substantially larger price.

Labuan Bajo is a wonderful place to stop and meet other travelers, experience your chosen fruits of the surrounding areas and try and find some of your own. Divers will be especially happy here as the diving here presents some of the largest sae fans in the world, massively diverse corals and fish as well large creatures such as manta rays, possible whale sharks and a number of other large creature such as dolphins.

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