Travel to Flores 16/05/2017

Flores is located in Indonesia in the long string of Lesser Sunda Islands that extend from East Java west. Flores is part of an archipelago called Nusa Tenggara meaning southwest Islands and is a beautiful and unique island. There are a number of languages spoken across Flores and in many of the more remote areas in central Flores languages and dialects differ from village to village. However in the places you are likely to come into contact with in West Flores many people speak a reasonable amount of English and today Bahasa Indonesia is the main language. The main language in Flores is Catholic which can be a refreshing thing for a westerner in this part of the world as many people find it easier to relate and communicate with Indonesian Christians as their values and ideals are closer.

The west of Flores and Komodo itself are two of the only places in the entire world where it is possible to witness Komodo Dragons wild in their natural habit. There are also a number of other species unique and endemic to the island of Flores including the Flores giant rat. Flores has a interesting history of past extinct animals that once inhabited this area in a time where landing on Flores may have been similar to landing in a fairy tale. Due to a strange but documented effect call island dwarfism whereby many species evolve to become smaller on a small island, there used to be elephants that were barely waist height and a race of humans that were only a few feet tall, this combined with giant rats and Komodo Dragons will have been quite a bizarre place to visit. It is possible to visit museums in which you can learn more about this strange history and see actual skeletons and modern constructions of these amazing wonders.

The north coast of this are is excellent for diving as I anywhere in the Komodo area, the water here are extremely rich with plankton which creates a feeding ground for all levels of the ecosystems that inhabit the area. Fishing is also a growing activity here particularly GT fishing which is notoriously a high energy experience that is practiced here with an effect return technique. The Komodo national park in this area is growing into a huge success both for Indonesian eco tourism and for the more earthy first hand benefits to the biosphere, this huge area containing everything from mangroves, bays and river mouths to underwater coral reef habitats and jungle areas that make an excellent visit.

In round up, West Flores is growing on the tourism map but remains still in a position where the experience is cultural un- crowded with tourists and a real life earthy experience which can be enjoyed from one of the few luxury resorts in the area. For those who have a sense of adventure, an interest in wildlife or diving and enjoy beautiful secluded tropical locations, Flores remains as yet un-spoilt.

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