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Flores Geology

Flores as most of Indonesia is located within the ring of fire meaning that most of the islands are subject to earthquake risks and volcano eruptions. Although this sounds alarming and may put you off visiting the country these events are extremely rare and are actually the reason behind the beauty of the landscapes and impressiveness of the landscape. In fact it is actually thanks to the tectonic instability of this area that there is a country here at all as most of the islands have been completely dependent on during the Pleistocene period when most of the area was formed. Indonesian cultures that vary greatly have been shaped by these events that have been unexplainable throughout history. Particularly in Bali where the Balinese Hindus believe that there are powerful gods in the mountains and many to this day provide many offerings every day in order to appease these gods and prevent an eruption, tsunami or earthquake as a consequence of their anger.

The unique and strange adaptions on the islands of Flores and Komodo are also thought to be due to this instability that has allowed in the past, species to cross onto other islands due to fluctuations in sea level over great periods of time, it is also this in the case of Flores and Komodo that has trapped certain species in environments of which they have had to evolve in order to survive. Examples of this are the now extinct miniature elephants that shrank over time in order to cope with the intensity of the dry seasons in this area and the lack of food. Perhaps more bizarrely there was also a tiny breed of dwarf humans that finding have suggested were only ever alive on Flores, in reaction to this there are also the well known Komodo dragon and the lesser known Flores Giant Rat both alive to this day but all of which have been bizarrely transformed though time due to the tectonic inconsistencies of this area.

13% of the world's volcanoes are present within Indonesia, a total of 129 all together spread over a huge area of over 2500 separate islands. Indonesia is responsible for the largest area of the ring of fire that circles the Philippine Plate and the Pacific Plate. But again it should be re-alliterated that this should not be a negative aspect, instead this means that there are amazing structures and wonders here to be witnessed such as early fossils, crater lakes, incredible mineral patterns and carvings in the rocks that have taken millions of years to produce. The geotourism potential of Flores and Komodo like many other areas in Indonesia are huge and as yet probable as yet probably remaining un known as there are undoubtedly caves and crevasses and all kinds of geological formations here that contains wonders yet to be discovered.