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7 Days Bali Komodo Live Aboard Cruise Special Rate

Tour Program:

The Bali Komodo Live Aboard Cruise is a six night deluxe cruise where you will be able to stay in the utmost live aboard accommodation and enjoy a number of activities as well as seeing some of the least frequented areas of Indonesia. With a combination of the sensation of living aboard a deluxe Indonesia traditional style boat with all of the facilities as well as offering the views and the ocean breeze in you hair and spending time on land as well.

Komodo Dragon

One of the main attractions of the Bali Komodo Live Aboard Cruise is the incredible Komodo dragon viewing which you will find on the islands of Komodo and the Komodo national parks areas around there. This is an incredible experience which can be found on the three islands of the Komodo National Park including the islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar where you will be able to see the giant rats and the other strange animals of the area. With all of this in mind the Bali Komodo Live Aboard Cruise is really the cruise for those who are interested in what is under the water in these areas as well as what is above it on the dry land. There is some incredible diving and snorkelling around the reefs and lagoons where the biodiversity is nothing short of incredible. With incredible diving and incredible trips onto the land, your 7 day trip with include seeing traditional villages of all different areas of Indonesia as well as the incredible markets and physically beautiful areas which make great viewing.

komodo dragonDay 1 Bali - Lombok - Labuan Amuk
You will be travelling on a tra

ditional style sailing boat which of course is powered with a motor as well as by sails and has all of the necessary open ocean sea going equipment including all of the radio equipment and plenty of luxury facilities in a bar as well as the bedrooms which are reminiscent of luxury hotel rooms. Parts of the journey are exposed to swell but mostly the water should be flat. When setting off from Benoa in Bali you will first discover Lombok, the Muslim temples and the Gili Islands and then the rest of Lombok for your second day.

Day 2 Lombok Sightseeing
In Lombok you will enjoy Nara Bay and where you will be able to find traditional fishing villages and the monkey forests as well as plenty of other tourist attractions.

Day 3 Lombok - Satonda Island in Sumbawa
Days three and four will open up the areas of Satonda Island in Sumbawa with impressive volcanoes and beautiful scenery for swimming and snorkelling before travelling to Komodo.

Day 4 Sumbawa - Komodo Island
At Komodo on day four you will go for a hike through the national park and see the Komodo Dragons as well as plenty of other sights and go diving or snorkelling.

Day 5, 6 Komodo Island - Sumbawa - Moyo Island - Bali
From this point you head back to Bali but not before visiting Bima in Sumbawa for sights of the traditional harbour, Moyo Island off Sumbawa where the wildlife and activities are incredible and then Turtle Island off Bali for the turtle conservation before returning to Benoa at 12.00 on day 7 of this epic journey.

Day 7 Arrive Bali
End of your journey.

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